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STIC Cashback is designed for customers who trade with Forex/CFD brokers.
By joining the broker through STIC Cashback,
traders can benefit from receiving Cashback based on their trading volume.
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How to use STIC Cashback
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Some brokers allow you to receive Cashback even if you already have an existing trading account
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Start using your trading account and get Cashback.
The trading account must be opened via our dedicated link.
The Cashback amount is provided by STIC Cashback, not by our Broker Partners.
STIC Cashback
Safety is guaranteed.
STICPAY, a trusted global payment company, provides STIC Cashback service.
Best cashback rates
STIC Cashback offer the most competitive Cashback rates in the industry thanks to our exclusive parentships with Brokers.
Cashback is automatically credited according to the schedule set by each Broker. You don't need to worry about non-paid Cashback because STIC Cashback, not the Broker, will pay you.
Trusted global Brokers
STICPAY's Compliance Team partners with Brokers who meet high standards of trustworthiness.
STIC Cashback
Use our Cashback calculator to estimate your potential Cashback with each Broker.

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Monthly Cashback
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Yearly Pip
* Traded per day : Average daily trading volume
* Volume : Average trading Lot size
* Based on EUR/USD
STIC Cashback Broker Partners
STIC Cashback partners with leading global brokers around the world.
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